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Health Benefits Of Figs:Types, Benefits,Symptoms

are figs good for you, what fruits are good for diabetics

19 Health Benefits Of Figs


Are figs good for you, they are the fruits that grow on the magnoliopsid genus tree, a member of the dicot family(magnoliopsid family} or Moraceae? They belong to the Ficus, and their scientific name is common fig.

The tree is deciduous and might grow to a height of 7-10 meters, it’s a swish white bark. They are figs good for you when trees grow wild in dry and sunny areas that have recent and deep soil. They additionally tend to grow in rocky areas and might sustain even in less fertile soil.


are figs good for you


The question arises that are figs good for you?

Yes, the fig trees will live up to a hundred years and have long and crooked branches which will surpass the peak of the tree.

The figs are fruits of the many single-seeded fruits and grow to a size of 3-5 centimeters. they’re inexperienced whereas growing and switch either purple or brown once they ripen.

Figs have a novel style and texture. they’re sweet and chewy.

The smoothness of the fruit and therefore the crunchiness of its seeds create a pretty combination to eat. Dried figs area unit obtainable throughout the year whereas recent figs area unit obtainable from June to Gregorian calendar month.

Types Of Figs


There are common sorts of figs. They are:


1.Black Mission –


Black Mission figs area unit blackish-purple outside and pink within. they’re unbelievably sweet and even pass the sweetener. they’re good to eat as an after or combine in cake or cookie recipes to extend the flavor.

2.Kadota – 

Kadotas area unit inexperienced with purple flesh. they’re the smallest amount sweet among all the sorts of figs. they’re wonderful to eat raw and additionally style sensible if heated with a pinch of salt.

3.Calimyrna –

Calimyrna figs area unit greenish-yellow on the surface and amber on the within. they’re larger compared to a different variety of figs and have a novel and powerful nut flavor.

4. Sea –

Adriatic figs have light-weight inexperienced skin and area unit pink on the within.

These figs area unit usually accustomed create fig bars. they’re additionally referred to as white figs as they’re Very light colored. they’re extraordinarily sweet and might be enjoyed as a straightforward fruit after.

Are Figs good For You?


Figs area unit good for you. they’re wealthy in fiber and plenty of essential minerals love metal, manganese, calcium, copper, potassium, and vitamins K and B6.

Are figs good for you or what type a significant element of ancient medication, and that they area unit used dried, within the paste type, or grounded to counter numerous diseases and issues.



The Health advantages Of Figs:


1. Enhance organic process Health 

Figs relieve constipation and improve the general organic process health. Soak 2-3 figs in water night long and consume them with honey consecutive morning, and you’ll bid good day to your constipation woes.

Fiber is nice for digestion, and figs area unit loaded with dietary fiber, that aids healthy laxation and relieves constipation. It adds bulk to the stools and promotes their swish passage through the body. The fiber in figs additionally treats a symptom and soothes the whole system.

A high fiber diet is what you wish to line your system right, and figs area unit vital as they create you are feeling full and stop you from mortal sin.

 2. Improve Heart Health 

Figs scale back the lipid levels in your blood and contribute to rising your heart health. Are figs good for you that shows triglycerides area unit fat particles within the blood that area unit a number one reason for heart diseases? Also, the antioxidants in figs get obviate the free radicals within the body, that block the coronary arteries and cause coronary cardiovascular disease.

are figs good for you
Figs additionally contain phenols and omega-3 fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids that decrease


Figs contain cellulose, a soluble fiber that’s acknowledged to scale back sterol levels. The fiber in figs clears the surplus sterol in your system and carries it to the bowels to eliminate it.

Figs additionally contain B-complex vitamin that’s chargeable for manufacturing 5-hydroxytryptamine. This 5-hydroxytryptamine boosts your mood and lowers sterol.

Dry figs scale back the general sterol as they contain omega-3 fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids and phytosterols that decrease the natural sterol synthesis within the body.

4. Forestall carcinoma

Regular consumption of figs will lower the danger of carcinoma. The fiber in figs helps to eliminate the waste within the body quickly, that works well for the hindrance of carcinoma.

The numerous seeds in figs contain high levels of glycoprotein that collects wastes and mucous secretion within the colon and flushes them out.

5. Cure Anemia

Lack of iron within the body will cause iron-deficiency anemia. Dried figs contain iron, that may be a key element of hemoprotein. overwhelming dried figs was found to enhance the hemoprotein levels within the blood.

Growing youngsters, adolescents, and sick and pregnant ladies specifically ought to monitor their iron levels to avoid complications. Also, if you’re sick or have undergone surgery, embrace figs in your diet to extend the iron levels in your body and cope with the matter expeditiously.

6. Lower Sugar Levels In Diabetic Patients 

Not simply the fruit, however, the leaves even have advantages for your health. Fig leaves have wonderful properties that facilitate regulate your glucose levels. in step with a study, together with fig leaves within the diet helped management the increase in blood glucose post a meal in insulin-dependent diabetics.

You can consume fig leaves within the sort of tea. you’ll boil 4-5 fig leaves in filtered water and drink this as tea. you’ll additionally dry fig leaves and grind them to get a powder. Add 2 tablespoons of this powder to a liter of water and boil it. Voila! Your tea is ready!


are figs good for you


7. Forestall carcinoma

Are figs good for you the area unit amongst those fruits that contain the very best quantity of fiber and it absolutely was found that girls United Nations agency consumed additional dietary fiber throughout adolescence and early adulthood was at a lesser risk of falling prey to carcinoma.

High intake of fiber was related to 16 PF lower risk of overall carcinoma and pure gold lower risk of carcinoma before the onset of change of life.

Fig extracts and dried figs area unit acknowledged containing parts that facilitate in preventing biological time carcinoma.

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8. Strengthen Bones

Figs contain atomic number 20, potassium, and metal, all of that aid bone health. Figs improve bone density and reduce the breakdown of bones, that begins as you age. atomic number 20 is crucial to maintaining healthy bones and figs area unit one amongst the simplest sources of it.

Are figs good for you which contain K that counteracts the accrued urinary atomic number 20 loss caused by high-salt diets. This prevents your bones from cutting down.

9. Wealthy In Antioxidants

Figs area unit a powerhouse of antioxidants, and that they neutralize the free radicals in your body and fight diseases. The riper a fig is, the additional antioxidants it contains.

Figs area unit a fashionable supply of phenoplast antioxidants. The antioxidants in figs enrich the lipoproteins in plasma and protect them from a more chemical reaction.

10. Regulate High-pressure level

Studies show that are figs good for you in your daily diet helps to lower pressure level. The fiber in figs lowers the danger of high-pressure level whereas the K content of figs helps maintain it.

Apart from K, the omega-3s and omega-6s in figs additionally facilitate in maintaining the pressure level.

are figs good for you

11. Forestall cardiovascular disease

When you consume less K and additional of metal, it disturbs the sodium-potassium balance in your body, paving the method for cardiovascular disease. Figs facilitate restore this balance as they’re wealthy in K.

12. Increase Sexual Stamina

Figs area unit thought to be a good fertility and sexual supplement. they’re wealthy in atomic number 20, iron, potassium, and zinc. they’re additionally wealthy in metal, the mineral that’s needed to supply the sex hormones androgenic hormone and steroid.

Figs facilitate with numerous forms of sexual dysfunction like sterility, male erecticle dysfunction, and sexual appetence. there’s no robust science backup, however in several cultures, figs area unit thought of as symbols of fertility.

They additionally turn out an organic compound that’s chargeable for increasing the assembly of gas, that expands the blood vessels and will increase blood flow to any or all elements of the body, together with the sexual organs.

Soak figs in milk night long and eat them consecutive day to boost your sexual talents.

13. Treat respiratory illness

An economical methodology to cope with a respiratory disorder is to consume a mix of small-grained fenugreek seeds, honey, and figs. you’ll additionally consume fig juice to get relief from respiratory illness.

Figs moisturize the mucosa and drain the phlegm, thereby relieving respiratory illness symptoms. They additionally contain phytochemical compounds that fight the free radicals, that otherwise trigger respiratory illness.

14. Forestall VD

The consumption or application of fig extracts is understood to produce relief from sexually transmitted diseases in several cultures. Figs area unit acknowledged possessing been used as a chilled balm for genital diseases.

15. Scale back Throat Pain

Are figs good for you which contain high mucilage that heals and protects against pharyngitis. These fruits area unit soothing to the throat, and their natural juices relieve pain and stress within the vocal chords.

are figs good for you

Also, figs area unit a natural cure for a rumor. they assist in reducing the swelling and irritation caused thanks to the condition. create a paste of the figs with heat water and apply it on your throat. it’ll scale back pain and soothe your throat.

16. Forestall Degeneration

Figs will facilitate forestall degeneration, that may be a leading reason for vision loss in older folks.
Figs enhance your vision and forestall degeneration as they contain a high quantity of antiophthalmic factor an antiophthalmic factor is an inhibitor that improves eye health. It protects the eyes from free radicals and prevents retinal injury.

17. Improve Liver Health

Figs clear obstructions within the liver, thereby enhancing its health. A study showed that AN extract ready from fig leaves exhibited hepatoprotective activity in mice, paving the method for its use in preventing viscus injury in humans.

18. Effective Natural Laxative

Figs, thanks to their high fiber content, act as a natural laxative. they create your stool softer, sanctioning straightforward digestion. Figs bring nice ingredients in laxative syrups.

19. Treat Piles

Dry figs area unit the simplest to treat piles. They soften the stools, reducing the pressure on the body part. Consume them doubly daily by soaking 3 to four figs in water. you’ll additionally drink the water during which they’re soaked. The seeds within the figs area unit the active agents that fight the piles.

Soak the figs in an exceedingly glass of water for regarding twelve hours before overwhelming them. Eat them once in the morning so within the night. It works best once you begin your day by ingestion figs and finish it with constant.

Other Benefits includes:


1. Regulated Blood Pressure:

Figs area unit loaded with K, a nutrient that helps in dominant high-pressure level. Considering this fashion and excessive consumption of processed food, your body could run low of K. This, in turn, could lead to cardiovascular disease. Since dry figs area unit choked with K, it’ll assist you in maintaining a regulated pressure level.

2. Effective Weight Loss:

Dry figs area unit a high supply of biological process fiber. If you’re fat and considering losing some weight, fiber-rich foods area unit an honest factor to elect. Since figs area unit high in fiber, it’ll prove beneficial for your weight management program.

It’ll assist you in lowering your energy intake, whereas keeping you full all over the day.

3. Safe Against Breast Cancer:

For women, change of life and carcinoma area unit 2 major things to cope with. Besides the psychological effects, their area unit uncounted health hazards moreover.

Researchers have shown that girls United Nations agency consume fruit fiber area unit at low risks of getting carcinoma, as compared to those that don’t. Dry fig is maybe the simplest fruit in terms of natural fiber; the others being prunes, dates, apples, and pears.

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Dry Fig Fruit Advantages For Skin And Hair


1. Get pleasure from healthy and swish skin:

If you would like to shield your skin from the damaging effects of old-time and stress, you wish to require a note of many important things. confine mind that your skin is sensitive and wishes correct nourishment. simply the slightest negligence on your half may end up in an exceedingly explicit skin problem.

are figs good for you


One of the foremost common conditions seen among children moreover as adults are skin problem or pimples. a number of the opposite common skin conditions area unit zits, blackheads, whiteheads and even cysts.

Sometimes, it even ends up in stubborn marks on your skin, which might be powerful to get rid of once your pimples get cured. With the consumption of dry figs, you’ll combat these skin disorders to a large extent.

2. Long and luscious hair:

Considering this fashion and ingestion habits, hair issues area unit pretty common of late. the most reason behind this is often the deficiency of important minerals and nutrients.

are figs good for you


Luscious hair and glowing skin area unit precious assets that outline our persona moreover as vogue quotient. There’s nothing additional embarrassing or distressing than a boring and limp hair on your head. Yes, loads of beauty product and cosmetics area unit obtainable within the market, however, they usually fail to offer the required results.

When it involves hair issues like fidgety scalp, dandruff and hair loss, no one will negate the necessity of a correct diet. Since dry figs area unit loaded with minerals and nutrients, they assist boost your hair’s health in an exceedingly dramatic method.



1. Significant On Stomach:

Overeating of figs will be significant on the abdomen and might cause the abdomen to ache. While for those full of constipation can take pleasure in it, it’d finish in the unhealthy abdomen for others. Are figs good for you while drinking cold water when ingestion figs help with stomach-related problems? Yes, they will help you.

2. Bloating:

Apart from abdomen ache, figs cause bloating. Drinking flavoring water helps to cure the matter.

3. Sun Sensitivity:

While figs square measure helpful in treating chronic skin diseases and additionally helpful within the treatment of neoplasm, it will hurt the skin by increasing its sensitivity to sun rays. ultraviolet radiation rays square measure harmful for the skin and might end in conditions like premature aging, skin cancer, and skin cancer.

It may end in skin rashes. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun if you consume figs often to avoid skin connected issues.

4. Harms Liver And Intestines:

Are figs good for you or will be harmful to the liver. they’ll additionally cause an obstruction within the intestines as a result of their seeds. whereas it’s going to not appear thus whereas ingestion, the seeds gift in figs square measure laborious enough to induce digestible simply. this can be one in every of the foremost dangerous figs aspect effects that one ought to bear in mind of.

5. Metal Absorption:

Figs contain oxalates, that interfere with the absorption of metal within the body. This interference results in the deficiency of metal in our body, which might result in weak bones and different diseases, associated with mental deficiency.

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