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Heart Disease Symptoms & Signs of Other Heart Problems | 2018

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Heart Disease Symptoms & Signs of Other Heart Problems

The heart is not an inanimate: It is a dynamic, living community of cells. It pumps blood through our body which contains oxygen and other nutrients. Our heart beats 72 times in 1 minute and 100,000 times in a day which help in pumping the blood around 5000 gallons of blood through our body every 24 hours. Its job is to deliver the blood to organs that would die without it. Our heart always works whether you are sleeping or doing some physical exercises, it never stops pumping oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to our tissues and carries away waste. Now we explain how vital work he performed. Nowadays people are suffering from a lot of heart problems. So, I am here to tell you about Heart Disease Symptoms & Signs of Other Heart Problems. 


The heart is made up of four chambers and it is a muscular organ which is of the size of our fist. It is located on the left side of the chest. Our heart never takes rest. A heart is a critical muscle and consist of three layers namely Myocardium, Epicardium, Endocardium. When the heart contracts, it pumps the blood around our body, because it takes deoxygenated blood to the lungs and get mix up with oxygen and release carbon dioxide. It is very important for our health.


The heart consists of three layers and four chambers which together work and make our heart pump. As we breathe oxygen it contracts at different rates depending on many factors. As our heartbeat 70-80 times in one minute while we are working but at rest, it might beat around 60 times a minute, it can go up to 90-100 times in one minute but it depends upon what type of work we are doing. The working of a heart is very essential for our health because it only tells about our health whether we are feeling good or having some disease.


1. Man clutching chest

There square measure many various sorts of a heart condition.

There square measure many sorts of a heart condition that have an effect on totally different components of the organ and occur in numerous ways that.

2. Congenital heart condition

This is a general term for a few deformities of the center that are the gift since birth. Examples include:

Septal defects: there’s a hole between the 2 chambers of the center.

Obstruction defects: The flow of blood through varied chambers of the center is partly or entirely blocked.

Cyanotic heart disease: A defect within the heart causes a shortage of gas around the body.

3. Arrhythmia

Arrhythmia is AN irregular heartbeat. There square measure many ways that during which a heartbeat will lose its regular rhythm. These include:

  • Tachycardia, once the center beats too quick
  • Bradycardia, once the center beats too slowly
  • Premature chamber contractions, or extra, abnormal beats
  • Fibrillation, once the heartbeat is irregular

Arrhythmias occur once the electrical impulses within the heart that coordinate the heartbeat doesn’t work properly. These build the center drill the way it mustn’t, whether or not that be too quick, too slowly, or too unpredictable.

Irregular heartbeats square measure common, and every one folk expertise them. They want a flapping or a athletics heart. However, once they amendment an excessive amount of or occur attributable to a broken or weak heart, they have to be taken a lot of seriously and treated. Arrhythmias will become fatal.

4. Coronary artery unwellness

The coronary arteries provide the center muscle with nutrients and gas by current blood.

Coronary arteries will become unhealthy or broken, actually because of plaque deposits that contain sterol. Plaque buildup narrows the coronary arteries, and this causes the center to receive less gas and nutrients.

5. Dilated myocardiopathy

The heart chambers become expanded as a result of cardiac muscle weakness and can’t pump blood properly. the foremost common reason is that not enough gas reaches the center muscle, because of arteria coronaria unwellness. This typically affects the ventricle.

6. Myocardial infarct

This is conjointly called a coronary failure, internal organ infarct, and coronary. AN interrupted blood flow damages or destroys a part of the center muscle. this is often typically caused by a blood that develops in one in every one of the coronary arteries and might conjointly occur if AN artery suddenly narrows or spasms.

7. Heart failure

Also called symptom failure, failure happens once the center doesn’t pump blood around the body with efficiency.

The left or right aspect of the center could be affected. Rarely, either side square measure. arteria coronaria unwellness or high force per unit area will, over time, leave the center too stiff or weak to fill and pump properly.


8. Hypertrophic myocardiopathy

This is a hereditary condition during which the wall of the ventricle thickens, creating it tougher for blood to be wired out of the center. this is often the leading reason for overtime in athletes. A parent with cardiomyopathy includes a fifty % likelihood of passing the disorder on to their kids.

9. Mitral regurgitation

Also called atrioventricular valve regurgitation, mitral insufficiency, or mitral incompetence, this happens once the atrioventricular valve within the heart doesn’t shut tightly enough. this enables blood to flow back to the center once it ought to leave. As a result, blood cannot move through the center or the body with efficiency. People with this kind of cardiovascular disease typically feel tired and out of breath.

10. Mitral valve prolapse

The valve between the atrium cordis and ventricle doesn’t absolutely shut, it bulges upwards, or back to the atrium. In most of the people, the condition isn’t critical, and no treatment is needed. Some folks, particularly if the condition is marked by mitral regurgitation, could need treatment.

11. Pulmonary structure

It becomes arduous for the center to pump blood from the correct ventricle into the artery as a result of the semilunar valve is simply too tight. the correct ventricle needs to work tougher to beat the obstruction. AN babe with severe stricture will flip blue. Older kids can usually don’t have any symptoms.

Treatment is required if the pressure within the heart ventricle is simply too high, And a balloon valvuloplasty or heart surgery is also performed to clear an obstruction.


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The heart weight is around 280 to 340 grams (10 to 12 ounces)in male and in female 230 to 280 (8 to 10 ounces). It is a combination of blood cells, and blood vessels combined together to work In a proper order. The effect on health through the heart is very dangerous and can lead to the death of a person.

One should know about the food which he is taking and the circumstances related to the heart. A person should eat a healthy food which is good for his/her health.

There is various health issue related to heart:

  • Heart attack
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol problem
  • Hypothermia



1. Chest Discomfort

It’s the foremost common sign of heart danger. If you’ve got a blocked artery or square measure having a coronary failure, you will feel pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest.

“Everyone contains a completely different word for that feeling,” Chambers says. “Some folks say it’s like an associate elephant is sitting on them. others say it’s sort of a pinching or burning.” The feeling typically lasts longer than some minutes. it’s going to happen once you are at rest or once you are doing one thing physically.

 If it’s simply an awfully transient pain — or if it is a spot that hurts a lot of after you bit or goes on it — it’s in all probability, not your heart, Chambers says. you ought to still grasp tested by a doctor. If the symptoms square measures a lot of severe and doesn’t escape once some minutes.

 Also, confine mind you’ll have heart issues — even a coronary failure — while not pain. That’s notably common among ladies.

2. Nausea, upset stomach, Heartburn, or abdomen Pain

Some of you have these symptoms throughout a coronary failure. they’ll even vomit, Chambers says.

Women square measure a lot of doubtless to report this kind of symptom than men square measure.

Of course, you’ll have associate stomach upset for several reasons that don’t have anything to try and do together with your heart. It might simply be one thing you Greek deity, after all. however, you would like to remember that it also can happen throughout a coronary failure.

So if you are feeling this manner and you’re in danger for heart issues, let a doctor determine what’s happening, particularly if you furthermore may have any of the opposite symptoms on this list.

3. Pain that Spreads to the Arm

Another classic coronary failure symptom is pain that radiates down the left facet of the body.

“It nearly always starts from the chest and moves outward,” Chambers says. “But I even have had some patients United Nations agency have primarily arm pain that clothed  to be heart attacks.”


4. When you are feeling Dizzy or Lightheaded

A lot of things will cause you to lose your balance or feel faint for a flash. perhaps you didn’t have enough to eat or drink, otherwise, you stood up too quickly.

But if you suddenly feel unsteady and you furthermore may have chest discomfort or shortness of breath, decision a doctor at once.

“It might mean your vital sign was born as a result of your heart is not able to pump the manner it ought to,” Bufalino says.

5. Throat or Jaw Pain

By itself, throat or jaw pain in all probability is not heart connected. a lot of doubtless, it’s caused by a muscular issue, a cold, or a sinus drawback.

 But if you’ve got pain or pressure within the center of your chest that spreads up into your throat or jaw, it may be a proof of a coronary failure. decision 911 and ask for medical attention to form certain everything is fine.

6. You Get Exhausted simply

If you suddenly feel tired or dyspnoeic once doing one thing you had no drawback doing within the past — like mounting the steps or automobile trying groceries from the car — create an arrangement together with your doctor at once.

 “These sorts of vital changes square measure a lot of necessary to the United States than each very little ache and pain you would possibly be feeling,” Bufalino says.

 Extreme exhaustion or unexplained weakness, generally for days at a time, will be an indication of cardiopathy, particularly for girls. 

7. Snoring

It’s traditional to snore a touch whereas you snooze. however, remarkably loud snoring that appears like an out of breath or choking will be a proof of apnea. That’s after you stop respiratory for transient moments many times at midnight whereas you’re still sleeping. This puts additional stress on your heart.

 Your doctor will check whether or not you would like a sleep study to check if you’ve got this condition. If you do, you will like a CPAP machine to disembarrass your respiratory whereas you sleep.

8. Sweating

Breaking move into a chilly sweat for no obvious reason might signal a coronary failure. If this happens together with any of those different symptoms, decision 911 to induce to a hospital at once. Don’t attempt to drive yourself.

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  1. Get active

30 minutes of activity every day will facilitate stop heart failure and stroke. try and build exercise an everyday, a part of your life: use the steps rather than the elevate, get off the bus a couple of stops earlier and walk the remainder of the approach. Being active is additionally a good thanks to relieving stress and management your weight, that area unit each risk factors for the disorder.


2. Stop smoking and shield yourself from tobacco

If you stop smoking, your risk of coronary cardiovascular disease are going to be halved inside a year and can come to a standard level over time. Avoid smoky environments: exposure to second-hand smoke considerably will increase the danger of heart failure.

3. Eat healthily

Eat many contemporary fruit and vegetables, a spread of whole grain product, lean meat, fish, peas, beans, lentils, and foods low in saturated fats. Be cautious of processed foods, which regularly contain high levels of salt. try and avoid drinking alcohol or if you are doing drink, ensure it’s carefully. Drink voluminous water!

4. Maintain a healthy weight

Keeping a healthy weight and limiting your salt intake can facilitate to regulate your vital sign and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. a decent thanks to keeping track of a healthy weight is to use BMI (Body-Mass Index) that may be a life of what proportion body fat is on someone supported their height or weight. To calculate your BMI, you divide your weight (in kilograms) by your height squared (in meters). A healthy adult ought to keep his or her BMI between eighteen.5 and 24.9 kg/m^2.

5. Know your numbers

Have your vital sign, steroid alcohol and aldohexose levels checked frequently. A high vital sign is that the darling risk issue for stroke and a serious issue for roughly 1/2 all cardiovascular disease and stroke. High blood steroid alcohol and aldohexose levels can even place you at a bigger risk.

6. Know the warning signs

Know the warning signs: the earlier help is sought-after, the bigger the probabilities of a full recovery. study cardiac resuscitation and acquire certified from your native organization so you’re ready to aid just in case somebody goes into explosive pathology.

7. Carefully take your medication

Take the medication that your doctor has prescribed and ensured you keep on with your regiment. 

Stay Healthy, stay fit so that you can see a better tomorrow and can guide or give tips to people around you how to can easily stay fit and healthy.

Hope you’ll like my article on Heart Disease Symptoms & Signs of Other Heart Problems. 

I’ll get back with more interesting and new health tips with you till than stay healthy and stay fit.

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