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Top 10 Motivational Tips and Tricks On Fitness


Top 10 Motivational Tips and Tricks On Fitness

There is a thin line between motivational success or failure when we talk about exercise. Having desires to stay fit and healthy is one part of the stage but staying fit always is the key source. I’ve planned and found these top 10 fitness motivational tips and tricks for you. I’m writing all these with my experience as well. 

1. Set your goals for fitness training

You have to keep this in mind that you’re ready to do anything to stay fit, the more you’ll keep this thing in mind, the easier it will be to achieve them. If you want to reduce weight you have to accept a challenge like swimming, running like this, you have to think over this that staying fit is a challenge and accept it. If you think you are on the right track and achieve everything then it will kill your motivation and you are no longer able to do the training. There must be an exercise plan for everyday so that it keeps you motivated.

2. Various  exercise training plan

There are numerous type of exercise which can keep you motivated and help you to achieve you challenges. When you set your plan for exercise your journey to the fitness start. Depending upon your goal you can set the target for your exercise training. Whether that is a cross fit training or a marathon, whatever you want to achieve you can easily find a training path to get there  something.  The most important thing is a planning for exercise, you must aim for your goal. A well planned will always increase your motivation and your chances of getting success.

3. No place for de-motivator in training

Whenever somebody wants to set his goals there are number of people who just want to de-motivate him. fIt’s an easy trap for anybody to fall into some other work but please don’t lose your focus because it will affect your training. There is no place for a de-motivator in training increase. in every training exercise you need to be motivated otherwise it will be difficult for a trainee to be a part for a longer period. You should make it as a hobby otherwise you get injuries or will risk your life. There may come some problems but for short duration. With a proper structured training plan, you won’t lose.

4. Think of your role model

Identify the things that really motivate and inspire you, this gives you more power for doing your exercise and then have constant reminders of why you are doing this. You might be running a for a charity, which is close to your heart. If so, then remember that person or take a picture of it, which help you to never give up. Alternatively if you are trying to tone your abs for a holiday or for your some wedding, surround yourself with reminders or prompts. Ask yourself that why I am doing this, this will boost you for not loosing in between, the chances are you will keep doing it. This helps you to believe in yourself and have more chances of success

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5. Systematic training progress

You should train yourself in a systematic way in which you have your fitness workout schedule, your diet chart. This will help you to be focused on your health and you will see better results than other. Kipping yourself fit for few days is possible but keeping yourself healthy for a long period is very difficult. So, keep this thing in mind that you should train yourself in a systematic way, this will keep you motivated.

6. Cross-train exercise

The main reason why you should do cross-train exercise is that, your body parts I.e your ankles, knee muscle and bone will get strength and you will improve flexibility in those muscles and bone. These are some sort of exercise which include cycling, cross-trainer, treadmill, Rowing and much more. When you talk about fitness you should must include these exercise in your workout so that you can have better health and you will improve your fitness within few days. 

7. Buy the right exercise gear

Here I want to mention that you should by some good workout gear so that you can build your confidence level all the time while doing fitness workout. Get some great gear which can help you to look good in front of the mirror and in which you can easily see the shape of your body. 

8. Take a break

If we talk about top 10 fitness motivation tips, this tip plays an important roll in your life and will keep you motivated.  When you do something and you achieve some percentage of your goal. So, it’s obvious that you wish to enjoy and to give a treat to yourself. You should talk a break from all your work and your fitness schedule and you should eat something healthy or I can say some junk food. Yes, you can have some sort of junk food while you’re working on your body. But make sure you are eating something healthy not a burger, pizza or soft drinks. If you are having soft drinks or pizzas you must keep your calories in mind, don’t eat 2200 calories on your cheat day.

9. Go for a walk 

It is said that we should walk every day for a better health. Walking is not only good for health but it is beneficial for body stamina and overall physique. You should walk at least 10,000 to 12,000 a day which can help you to control your blood pressure, sugar level, digestion and much more. Try to walk whenever you get time and prefer to walk early morning or in the evening. It will maintain your metabolism rate and you can even get a perfect glowing skin.

10. Keep an eye on your training (Analyse report)

You have seen people taking pictures of their body like after 1 week and before 1 week. This means that they are keeping a record of their progress and running to achieve their goals. You should also do the same click your photos once a week so that you can compare yourself and can change your plans by checking your photos. There is one more option which is BMI (Body Mass Index) machine, this machine helps you to give a proper record of your body in which you will see your fat percentage, mass percentage, water resistance or percentage, metabolism rate and much more. This is one of the most important fitness motivation tips for you because you will see your body achieving its goals.

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Hope you like this article on top 10 fitness motivation tips from me. I will keep on motivating and will try to give more information about fitness and health. Our mission is to provide you all the health tips for women, men as well as children too. I will be back with my new article soon. 


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