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Nipah Virus: Signs And Symptoms Of The Virus And How To Prevent It

nipah virus bat

Nipah Virus: Signs And Symptoms Of The Virus And How To Prevent It

The health department of Kerala confirmed the Nipah virus. As the death happens due to this the virus in north Kerala rises to nineteen, the government, as well as the health department of Kerala, has canceled all the holidays of doctors and medicals are on high alert. Nipah virus (NIV) infection can spread through human as well as from animals. This is the first time that this virus has been located in the state of Kerala. So, it is the correct time to share this virus with you and to tell you about Nipah virus: signs and symptoms of the virus and how to prevent it?


nipah virus bat

Nipah virus was first located in 1998 in Malaysia which result around 100 death in just 2 months.

The Health Ministry has sent a team of experts to assist the state that is struggling with the spread of this virus.


Nipah virus (NiV) infection is thought to be a newly-emerging virus which is spread by fruit-eating bats. Fruit bats from the Pteropodidae Family are thought to be the natural carriers of the disease. Direct contact with infected pigs, bats and half-eaten fruits which are eaten by infected animals can be harmful to humans.

Due to this virus, there is a panic in Kerala. More than 20 lives have been taken by the Nipah virus (NIV). Increasing number of deaths have put the Kerala government into actions.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the first outbreak has occurred in West Bengal in 2001 and it was attributed solely to fruit bats.

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NIV virus was first identified in 1998 in Malaysia that left 100 people dead in Malaysia. On this, it saw domesticated pigs as the hosts, as WHO also reported about the Nipah virus how it is spreading all over the world.


The first outbreak in India was in West Bengal in 2001 that left 66 cases and 45 deaths around the state. It is a deadly virus which can spread through human-to-human transmission and from infected fruits. A report of Indian Journal of Virology says that if somebody is suffering from Nipah virus then he should be treated in a private section and away from human beings. The second outbreak was noticed in 2007 in Nadia district which has killed five people. The death rate in India has increased up to 71 during this two outbreak in West Bengal and the first Nipah outbreak in Kerala.


It is a deadly virus which has no proper vaccine. Its transmission is from the infected animals and fruits which are fallen from trees. This virus jumps the barriers and infects Thea secondary animal host. Transmission takes place with direct contact with contaminated fruits and infected animals.

Nipah virus


The incubation period for this virus is from 5 to 14 days and this virus can be seen after this period immediately. This virus causes encephalitic syndrome with a high rate. HIV virus can also be seen in domestic animals and in pigs. If someone is infected with this virus, symptoms like vomiting, choking, stomach pain and blurred vision can also happen. If a person is infected with the virus then he can go to come within two days and could be dead.


There is no such vaccine to the Nipah virus, the only treatment is to take care of the patient with intense care. You should take care of yourself from Nipah virus. If you found anyone near you who is suffering from nipah virus you should take care of them and consult with a doctor as soon as possible. They should also wear a face mask so that you will not in direct contact with an infected person.


The only precaution from Nipah virus is to avoid the fruits fallen from the trees and stay away from infected pigs and animals. It also transmits to human-to-human so if some person is infected with this virus use proper masks and gloves.  

The viruses jump the species barrier and infect a secondary animal host, transmission takes place through direct contact with infected bats, pigs, or from other NiV-infected people and people have been also cautioned that they should not consume fruits that have fallen on to the ground.


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