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Top 10 Green Tea Side Effects That No One Will Tell You

green tea side effects

Top 10 Green Tea Side Effects That No One Will Tell You


Nowadays green tea is consumed by most of the people because of nutrients present in it. It had been 1st utilized in China as a meditative herb. In present, it’s become a health elixir that many individuals consume on a daily basis. It is basically a source of power which can help the human body to stay fit and stay healthy and this is completely proven.

However, there are still some things to stay in mind once drinking green tea. There are many facet effects, though several of them are rare. Green tea contains a little amount of caffeine in it, so if you are allergic to caffeine or your are sensitive so you should avoid drinking green teas well. Browse on to seek out a lot of regarding green tea, its side effects, and the way to get pleasure from safely. So let us study more about Top 10 Green Tea Side Effects That No One Will Tell You. 

green tea side effects

Know more about green tea/ Is green tea good for you?


One of the scientists or you can say a researcher named Camellia Sinensis Founded green tea and she found that it is a bit different from other tea leaves. like tea and white tea. It’s one in all the smallest amount processed true teas. green tea boasts health edges that embrace accelerated weight loss, cancer hindrance, and lower pressure level. It’s conjointly been shown to stop neurologic diseases like presenile dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Green tea has conjointly been promoted as an alternative to occasional for people that are attempting to scale back their caffeine intake.

Chemical Compound


Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG, l-theanine, potassium, iron, calcium, and caffeine) are the main component of green tea from which green tea leaves are made. The caffeine content of green tea is regarding 35 milligrams for each 8-ounce cup, that is taken into account moderate. The green tea does contain I-theanine which helps your body not to spike up the blood glucose which is also the main factor of green tea and it also contains B-Complex.



Green tea leaves are plucked and heated to stop oxidization. The dried leaves are then rolled to create customary green teas or ground to create matcha inexperienced tea. Green tea is firmly characterized into 2 forms which are mainly found in China and Japan. Chinese green tea leaves are cooked throughout the drying stage of the assembly method. It has somewhat like a woody flavor in it. Japanese inexperienced teas are steamed throughout the drying method. Japanese inexperienced teas tend to be a lot of vegetal, floral, and sweet than their Chinese counterparts. Each variety of green tea is typically used as a base in seasoner teas.

Green Tea Side Effects


Green tea is healthy and safe for drinking by adults because it can be digested in less time than other tea. While drinking tea is taken into account principally safe for adults, there are some green tea side effects to stay in mind. Most of the green tea side effects are caused by consuming it in large amount. Sure people with sensitivities to ingredients in green tea ought to conjointly avoid this nutrient. Because it contains caffeine it can cause health issues in people who are sensitive to caffeine. So, is green tea good for you?benefits of tea

green tea side effects

1. Stomach issues


Green tea contains tannins which will increase the number of acid in your abdomen. The excess acid will cause biological process problems as well as constipation, acid reflux, and nausea. Do not take green hot with very hot water.these may result in various side effects. Brew your green tea with water between a hundred and sixty and a hundred and eighty F.
Green tea may also cause looseness of the bowels once consumed in massive amounts. Caffeine produces bad results it is because the colon muscles are stimulated and contracted. This leads to a lot of frequent journeys to the lavatory and might cause indigestion. If you suffer from the irritable gut syndrome, avoid green tea.

To avoid these side effects, don’t drink green tea on the associate empty abdomen. You should always take green tea with every meal for better results. Green tea increases acidity so you should avoid taking it if you suffer from reflux illness, abdomen ulcers.

2. Headaches


Green tea will cause headaches in sure people since it contains caffeine. If you have a migraine do not take green tea regularly or on a daily bases. In case you are allergic to caffeine, avoid taking green tea.

3. Sleeplessness


Green tea contains two compounds that are bad for sleep habits; 1-theanine and 2-caffeine .you should not take green tea before going to bed because it contains caffeine. this is often because of the actual fact that chemical compounds in green tea stop the discharge of hormones like internal secretion, that aid in sleep. green tea contains l-theanine that induces calm, increase alertness and focus. So it is better to avoid taking green tea before bed.to avoid these side effects you should consume green tea not later than sunset.

4. Anemia and Deficiency of iron


Taking green tea in excess or regularly would end up resulting in bad or sometimes dangerous because green tea contains antioxidants that hinder iron absorption within the build. As a precaution, avoid green tea if you’ve got anemia.

green tea side effects

5. Vomiting


Excess amounts of green tea will cause nausea and physiological reaction. Avoid intense over four cups of green tea on a daily basis if you’re a seasoned tea drinker. If you are simply beginning out with green tea, begin with one or two cups per day and monitor your reaction. You can increase consumption if you experience no side effects.

6. Hemorrhage Disorders


In very rare cases, green tea increases bleeding disorder. The Compounds present in green tea decreases the various levels of clotting factor.due to which blood clot happens. green tea helps in preventing the oxidization of fatty acids. Avoid drinking grain tea if you are suffering from blood coagulation.

7. Convulsions and giddiness


The caffeine in green tea will affect you by having dizziness or lightheaded if consumed in heavy amount. Blood flow is decreased to the brain and central system when caffeine amount is increased in the body which leads to sickness. In rare cases, green tea may become a factor of increase in confusion or convulsions, ringing in the ears, etc. To avoid the side effects drink a healthy amount of green tea which suits your body mechanism.

8. Diseases


The liver is damaged by taking green tea and its supplements in high amount. consultants believe this is often because of a build-up of caffeine which will stress the liver. To avoid this side result, avoid intense over four to five cups of green tea each day.

9. Heartbeat irregularity and High-pressure level


If you are suffering from cardiopathy, green tea will hit the side effects badly creating a dangerous nutrient. This side result is rare and a lot of analysis is required to look at the precise compounds behind the pressure level increase. If you suffer from cardiopathy, ask for a medical recommendation from your attention skilled before intense green tea.

10. Bone Health


Insensitive people bone illness like pathology will increase due to the intake of green tea in excessive amount. Compounds present in green tea may lead to a deterioration of bone health. Limit your intake to two to three cups of green tea if you’re susceptible to bone illness. If you consume over that, confirm to require a metal supplement to support bone health.


Stay Healthy, stay fit so that you can see a better tomorrow and can guide or give tips to people around you how to can easily stay fit and healthy. green tea side effects. We will also read about the benefits of green tea in our upcoming article. benefits of green tea are much more than green tea side effects. 

Hope you’ll like my article on  “Top 10 Green Tea Side Effects That No One Will Tell You.”

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